Disclaimers, Bias, Prejudices and General Bull

 Apologies if this post is a little self-indulgent as it’s all about me and very little else.

I thought that as I was now blogging that, rather than having to pussy foot around in every article I write and explain the direction I am writing from each time, it would easier to explain myself in one go and then move on.

For those who don’t know me, and that’s assuming that anyone who doesn’t will ever read my ramblings (or even that anyone who does actually will), my basic bio is on the “About” page and is a short form C.V. of my training background, however that doesn’t really explain “me” as such.

I have recently been accused by a friend of being “sometimes controversial”. I do not typically set out to be controversial but it would seem that this just sometimes happens.

One of the reasons I moved to blogging in the first place was I was finding that I now have a wide circle of karate “friends” on social media, most of whom are friends of friends (and so don’t know me at all) some of whom have a very different take to mine on what karate is and how you should behave within the karate world. It has never been my intent to cause upset, although I will stir the pot occasionally if I think it needs to be done (or just for the entertainment value if the mood is right).

When it comes to expounding my views on karate (and other things) on social media I look at it as akin to shouting at people from a soap box in the park, basically I’m just haranguing random people, many of whom have no interest in what I have to say and some of whom will actually be genuinely upset by my views, so I am trying to do it less. The point of moving to the blog is that you have now effectively knocked on my door and asked for my opinions so that is what you’ll get.

It will hopefully be obvious that on occasions I write some of my observations with intended good humour and very much tongue in cheek. If it is not always obvious then apologies but if something seems contentious then re-read it with that in mind and see if that helps (btw, sometimes it will also be contentious just because it is).

I am not trying to set myself up as an authority on any subject particularly. Anything I write is just my personal take on what my understanding and opinion is at any given time based on my own learning and experiences, just because it’s written down it doesn’t mean that opinion won’t change over time or in the light of new information (they are just snap shots, treat them as such).

I do not intentionally have an agenda (although whatever I say will be coloured by my own personal biases and prejudice obviously), I have nothing to sell, no brand to build or any particular interest in becoming the “master of glib comments and platitudes” to be followed by thousands (and there are others who already have that well covered anyway ). That won’t happen anyway as I have nothing to offer in the way of easy answers, just the tendency to sometimes ask some uncomfortable questions (and who would want to sign up for that? )

A lot of what I write will contain sweeping generalisations on both sides of any subject, we all know (or as adults should at least) that the real world is many shades of grey so there isn’t really a black and white argument on any given topic, however this does make it somewhat difficult to write a concise opinion on any subject.

So to make it plain, I come from a traditional Shotokan background but for a number of years now I have moved away from that to a bunkai centric form of training as the understanding of the practical application of karate has become what interests me personally. However, I am not one of those zealots who feel the need to convert everyone to my way of thinking because “everything YOU are doing is now wrong”, I just like to prod people occasionally to make sure they are at least thinking for themselves about the subject.

I am well aware that we all train karate for our own reasons and have no problem at all with those who continue to practice the “traditional” model. They are still very much in the majority anyway and have nothing to worry about from the likes of me. A lot of people get everything they want from following this path and if they do so knowingly then what’s the issue? It’s just that it is not for me anymore.

So to wrap this piece of self-indulgence up. I am just a bloke with some views on karate, I know more than some and less than others. I will never be a master of anything but am not striving to be so that’s very much an achievable goal at my stage of life. My opinions are just that, opinions, if you enjoy them then read them, if you don’t then why are you bothering? Just sayin’


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